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How Soon Can You Pull L333 Eggs?


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L333 Breeding Update:
My King Tigers spawned for the first time 7 weeks ago. I estimate that I found the 5 eggs, which had become wigglers, about 2 weeks after spawning. 
Once we discovered the eggs, I moved them to a breeder box in the same tank, and waited for them to grow a bit. Last week, moved all 5 to a grow-out tank (20g long). 
Dad had Mom trapped the last couple of days in his cave, and as of this morning, I saw eggs again! My question is this: how soon can I move the eggs to the breeder box? 
I’m asking because based on breeding other’s reports, with only 5 eggs being found, I think a few wiggled out of the cave last time and got picked off. 
Picture was taken today of the first babies now 7 weeks old! 



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Technically a few hours after being laid. Some argue the merits of being fanned by the parents, vs artifically rearing them. Dean will use a ziss egg tumblr or his fry try to replicate the fanning.

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