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BBS hates me!

Karen B.

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I have little clown killifish fry. I feed them vinegar eels at first (I hate harvesting them. I fail at Cory’s method…😭) then I switch to BBS… which I kinda fail at hatching too. 

I bought the ziss hatchery, aquarium coop eggs, fritz marine salt. I watched Cory’s video at least 50 times.

Room temp water, 2 tablespoons of salt, 1 the spoon of BBS. Air tubing, Aqueon preprogrammed heater (I live in canada. It’s cold), and a heating lamp.

My problem is I get soooooo many unhatched eggs it’s crazy. Or eggs/shells that deposit themselves at the bottom of the hatchery or on its sides even. I don’t know if it’s the heater that stops the air bubbles to travel properly, if my air flow is too slow or too strong. And is it normal that there is a slight smell in the salted water?

I did an experiment yesterday and removed the heater and upped my air flow after 24 hours and harvested them at 36. The water smelled stronger then usual, and about half the BBS seemed not to move but I had less debris at the bottom and less unhatched eggs. I still fed them to my fry and to some of my community fishes… but then regretted it. I hope they won’t get poisoned if the BBS were bad/dead?

The light trick works somehow to bring the BBS at the bottom but as there is already so much debris there… And even if I shake the container, the debris/unhatched eggs sinks faster.

Should I just give up and accept that I will harvest at 24 hours, with tons of wasted/unhatched eggs but with healthy BBS?

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I don't get anything hatching until 48hrs , room temp the hatchery is in my kitchen .  I use very gentle bubbles only.

I use tap water , table salt and some bicarb (recommend by someone on here when I started a few months ago) maybe run it a little longer and see if your hatch rate improves. And use a smaller measure of eggs till you figure out your recipe every home has its own.

Don't worry about them I don't think you'd will have done any harm with that feed. They won't have been that funky I don't think that is a smell you'll be uncertain of.

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