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How to properly propagate Java Fern?

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Hi guys,

I’ve read some blogs on website that my Java Fern is ready to propagate. But I don’t know when is the best time to separate the root from the leaf.

Is it okay to cut the leaf and (glue) it to a rock or nearby wood so the newly plant grow?

what is the best method to separate the new plant from the leaf?
Any extra tips would be much appreciated!


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Hello Kenneth, 

This is just my opinion but personally I think it's still a bit on the small side. I feel you should let it get a few more leaves and roots. While your waiting for a while, (cuz java ferns are slow growers) I would look into propagation methods. I believe you can cut the rhizome with scissors in the middle of the plant to get two. But people like to make sure there are at least 3 or 4 leaves on the cutting. When the plant is really mature little baby ferns grow on the tips of the leaves like spider plants. Yours is doing well I'm wondering how you acquired that piece? Anyway they're are tons of websites and YT vids on java care, oh you can trim the dying leaves on ferns it encourages new ones.

Goodluck, FAFNF  

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It looks like it's a little too small to pull off and you'll probably get a lot more.  I've done a few things with my plantlets, but none of my methods so far have produced fast results.  I've floated them, I've attached the plantlets to rocks and wood and I've put the roots (not the rhizome) in Eco Complete.  They all grow, but slowly.  I've watched a few videos on growing them emmersed, but I haven't tried that yet.  Growing them emmersed seems to produce faster results, but I'm sure there will be some die off once they go into the water.

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