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Please help. My platies died/are dying from a disease!!


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So, All the platies that I have had died from a disease and the 1 remaining is dying from it! The symptoms are: Super skinny bellies, labored breathing, not eating, and arched backs. There are no worms sticking out from what I could see. The only adult platy I have now is dying from it. And, some of my females died from this disease after giving birth. Please help. The only thing that I have added recently are live plants from the co-op. TIA

  • pH 7.8-8.4
  • Nitrates 10 (I am doing a water change today)
  • Hardness 300
  • Nitrite 0
  • Ammonia 0
  • KH/Buffer 180
  • Water Temperature 84
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Sunken belly and weight loss and rapid breathing it could be wasting disease but arched back could be caused by a bacterial infection can take a picture in the meantime i would treat with Fritz Expel p as it's a 24hr treatment then a  water change then retreat once a week for next 2 weeks after the first course of fritz expel p I would do a course of kanaplex to cover against any possible bacterial infection @FishPlanet

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