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Checking in from Texas! New here and love this community already!

Goldie Blue

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On 12/12/2021 at 5:25 PM, Minanora said:

OMG It's the same thing with my Husband.... Dude... He can grind my gears sometimes. He builds the most killer decks, knows all the things... He's legit one of the best "natural" gamers I've ever met and it makes me so mad. I beat him at chess twice in the last 11 years. Haven't played with him since my last win! He wanted to learn how I won, I decided that I wanted to end on a high note. 😛 I'm sure we'll play chess again but I like to wave my "I beat you at chess, TWICE" flag around still. He wins at almost every game we ever play, no matter who we play with. When we are all drunk and sleepy we usually all just agree that he won and call it quits. XD

That is SO funny, it's the same exact thing with my husband! No matter what game we play, he is always 10 steps ahead of us in thinking about future turns. 9 times out of 10 if it's not a co-op game, he'll win, but on those RARE times when someone else does he can't believe it. We were all playing Disney Villainous Marvel version a few weeks ago, and my best friend beat him and he looked like a deer in the headlights. He had to inspect EVERY one of her cards to make sure she really did win, and when he realized it he was just in shock. Like, omg this pleb just beat ME!??? Her and I were cracking up the next day talking about it.

I agree that ICC and BC were the best of times in WoW. A lot of that is just looking back with nostalgia, and I am happy I got to experience those fun times back in the day, but there is no way I'm reliving that a second time lol. ICC and Karazhan were my favorite raids, our guild had so many fun nights together there. Have you played Conan Exiles at all? There is some new content in there I am about to check out here in a few.

I am also emotional, more so than I wish I was. The stress this ordeal with my 55g has caused me is unreal, I never knew I'd be so attached to a fish, but my betta is just SO chill and sweet. The day this week he was on the filter intake upside down, I thought he was dead and I just started ugly crying. When my husband went to remove him from the tank I was like...wait, what? I ran over there with tears streaming down my face and couldn't believe it. I just want all my animals, insects, fish...whatever I am keeping to be safe and healthy. I appreciate all the kindness this forum has shown, without the help I've gotten here I am sure all of my fish would be dead by now.

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