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Congo Tetras, hard or soft water?


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Hope you'll get better answers than what I've got to say here... I've always admired Congos, but never kept them. They're absolutely gorgeous if kept well, fed a balanced diet, and full grown. Their colors can look almost like carnival glass.


A look at fishbase.us indicates that their natural milieu is dH 5-19, which is soft. But this is commonplace in situ. In the aquarium hobby, it is quite possible that they're adaptable. If Cory has noticed them doing well in hard water, I'd certainly take him at his word. It is possible that they're adaptable. 

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I watched the video and when Cory said that congo tetras do well in hard water, I finally decided to get some. My water is ~12dGh, ~7.8 pH, and for over a year now my congoes are doing fine. They grew a lot, got their fancy finnage, and developed their rainbow colors, which are joy to behold, especially when sun rays hit the tank. 


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