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Help identifying what's on Fancy Goldfish Tail


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I plan on taking updated paramaters tonight so I don't want to post old ones until then, sorry I don't have them on hand.

I brought my pond inside for the winter to keep it from getting too cold. Then with the concrete flooring I ended up doing just that and for about a weeks time my fancy gold fish were between 59-62 degrees. I think that is what started all this. Now my Calico has white non fluffy spots on his tail only. I haven't seen him have it anywhere else. I don't think it is ick. Yes I am sure he is male. I am thinking columnaris but wanted a second opinion. The other two fancy goldfish in the tank including my black telescope moor seem to be unaffected. I think the cold drop brought it on. I have since put two heaters in and kept them at 70 degrees as well as treating them with Aquarium Salt level two treatment. 

I keep kicking myself as I thought simply because they were indoors they would be more at room temperature. I of course should have considered the cold floor would make the water temperature drop. Any helpful suggestions or experiences would be welcome. This is one of 9 of my tanks so I am trying to identify and treat without it spreading. 








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