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Several questions need to be solved for a live plant newbie!

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So, as some of you know, I got live plants the Friday before last. I have some questions as for needing algae identified. TIA


What is that little cone-shaped thingy on my Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus?


What is this algae? My nerite can't seem to clean it up.


What is this moldy looking algae on this fake plant?


Enjoying watching my frogbit growing back leaves!


What are these roots sticking out of my Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus?


The top leaves of my scarlet temple look a bit black. Something to be worried about?


What are these roots sticking out of my scarlet temple


My melon sword is growing a root out of the substrate. Is it going to die?


What can I do to keep my nerite from laying eggs!!??? T_T



My Cryptocoryne Tropica is growing back!


My baby tears have been looking poorly since I got them. I gave it root tabs. Please help!


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Congrats on your journey into keeping aquatic plants! 🙂 A couple ideas I thought of:

  • A magnetic algae brush/scraper or even something like a Seachem algae foam could help your glass - or adding another nerite snail  🙂
  • Speaking of nerites, I have heard that some people trade their female nerite in at your LFS for another... in an attempt to get a male. Might be an option? 
  • Your sword plant growing roots out of the gravel isn't a sign of it dying. A root tab under it would be a good idea, if you haven't yet.
  • I recommend planting your crypt tropica with a root tab in the gravel so it can settle in and acclimate better vs. settling in its net pot/rock wool and then re-planting later.
  • Finally, I agree that photoperiod shouldn't be longer than 8 hours until plants grow more.


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It can be really helpful in the process of learning to grow plants to have your lights on a timer. That way, if you are changing something you're doing to try to fix a problem--like changing how you fertlize, the number of plants, how you time water changes, or number of fish-- you can know that the hours of light are consistent and whatever changes you are seeing are due to the thing you're changing.

If you don't have your lights on a timer, it can be an easy fix. Some lights come with apps, or you can use a smartplug. I bought an Aquasun Aquarium Controller because I have multiple tanks plugged into one outlet, but if you just have one light, you could use any outlet timer and they are only about $7.



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