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Panda Garra


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I have a 40 gallon planted tank and I’m interested in getting panda garras and I’m wondering if anybody has any personal experience keeping them in groups or individual. 

my tank is currently stocked with 10 tiger barbs and 6 green cory catfish. 

im looking for an algae eater that isn’t a pleco or sae. I would like hillstream loaches, but I want my plants to grow a little bit more and I’ve never had success with Otto’s.

Panda Garra’s for one look cool and that’s why I’d like to add a gang of them. 

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I had one panda garra that acted like a bull in a china shop. When I fed the fish, the pellets sink to the bottom, the panda would come out from its lair and bowl over the cory catfish. 
Didn't eat the algae as much as I thought it would, however, an interesting fish. Until, the panda decided to commit fish-a-cide. Jump right out of the tank and I found it on the floor dried up like a piece of corn stalk. Moral of the story, yep they jump, and yep, keep a tight lid.


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