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Pygmy Corydora - White spot on face


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Hello everyone. Great community here, I've learned a lot but I still have a lot more learning to go.

I got 6 Pygmy Corydoras a month ago. Since then 2 just died (a few weeks apart), and a third has this white spot on it's face that seems to be getting worse. The other three seem pretty happy and healthy. 

Water conditions based on testing strips seem okay, and the tetras and betta all seem to be doing fine.

Any idea on what this is or if can I save the pygmy? I've isolated it in a plastic container and have it floating in my 10G tank.  I've attached two photos. The first one was on Dec 2nd, the and the second is Dec 5th. You can see the white spot appears to have gotten worse. 

Thanks in advance!




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Looking like a  fungal infection with possible secondary bacterial  what I would do is treat with ick x in the water column and kanaplex in food to cover all bases or you could use maracyn instead of kanaplex if you have it to hand with ick x


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