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One tank, Two years, Six Re-Scapes and Counting


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A journal for the tank I re-do most often! I've re-scapped this 75 gal tall tank several times in the last 2 years. The height makes it difficult to work on, so my most recent scape was done with the goal not having to stick my arm in the tank so often. 

This tank is a unique size, 36" wide, 30" tall and 16" deep. It was a lucky craigslist find, with the wooden stand and cap. 


Most recent re-scape: 




October 2018 - Discus & Driftwood




May 2019 - A sad amazon sword and some driftwood (we had just moved, so tank was emptied out. Discus moved to a 120 gal in the new house)



August 2019 - Plant overload! Looked wild, but was way too much work to maintain.  




February 2020- planted jungle val in the background and tiger lotus in the foreground. The tiger lotus got HUGE, and I let it go for a bit.




May 2020- Overgrown!




July 2020- The val became too much to keep up with, so it all came out a few weeks after this photo



August 2020- Totally cleaned out the tank, re-did the substrate (dirted with sand cap)1641853632_IMG_53132.jpg.4ac4611f9bbc15893dded0eb6d1871f7.jpg


Sept 2020- This has been set up for about 4 weeks, and needs a few months to grow in. For this, I purposely went with slow growing and easy to maintain plants. I want to add more buce around the rockwork. My eventual goal is to wean it off co2 and add altums (which are currently growing out in a bare bottom tank)




Oct 2020




Thanks for looking! 


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My 36g is also 30 inches tall—I totally feel you on the height making it awkward! I’m lucky to be tall enough that it comes up to my shoulder, but it’s still a pain that my whole arm fits in the tank and I can *barely* touch the bottom. Anyway, I LOVE how huge the val and tiger lotus got. It’s a gorgeous look! Are the swords in the latter photos the same as the one in the May 2019 photo? 

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Thanks Wendy! The swords are the same plants (it's two rosettes) in every photo. They were in the tank for almost two years until I took them out in July 2020. 


I love the looks of a tall tank, but boy are they a pain to light and work on! A 30" tall 36 gal sounds very neat. Is it a hex tank?

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Did some work over the weekend on this tank. Added lots of mini leaf buce, and removed some of the java fern to let more of the driftwood show. I can't wait for the buce to settle in and put on some new growth. 


Hopefully this is the last re-scape on this tank for a few years. 



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I like the look you have going now--especially the addition of all the little buce and the balance of the smaller grouping on the left and larger grouping on the right. The buce will grow nice and slowly, requiring minimal maintenance.

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