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Greetings from California foothills. Been out of aquariums for 47 years when ick killed all my fish. Its come along ways since then. I enjoy the building of all my own stuff, all very cool.

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Yes   Bluegill and channel catfish are native to most of the US.  A very hardy breed of fish that will take a lot of abuse.  Mine are pretty spoiled. I'm heating with a 150 watt heater and a Thermosiphon I ran through window into living room space that is always heated during winter picks up heat of room with a piece of copper tubing circulating water heated by the room. It puts out 4 to 11 deg F. of heat at each pass of the water into the tank. Its very cool. Pic is of ten feet of 1/2" copper tubing I could add another ten feet for mor heat, but temp going to pond is usually around 74 deg. F. I keep my living room around 78 deg. F.  So far my tank only gets down to 70 deg. F. and 32 deg F. outside. I cover everynight and have two layers of reflexics on whole setup. 


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I'm long in the tooth and reflexes slow down and so do bikes. I ride a 2019 Yamaha 125 Zuma scooter, with customized 56 quart igloo ice chest dog box.  I needed a step through for my bad knee,  Motorcycle caused. My dogs name is Tex he will be three in Jan. and has 7500 miles riding behind me he started at 3 months old and 16 lbs and is now almost 3 yrs old and weighs 60 lbs. He is with me 99% of the time so you will see more of him I'm sure.  During summer and warm days I take a 42 mile road in the mountains and I'll only see 6 cars for first 3 miles after that 1 or 2 cars is all I will see for whole ride till we get back.





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