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Schoutedeni Puffer question

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Hey all. I have a very unique opportunity in that my LFS just got in 4 male and 1 female schoutedeni puffers. However, I only have a 40 breeder to house them in. Down the road I’d love to breed them, I’m planning on doing a 1 male 2 female trio in something like a 75 gallon. However, I’m not sure if for now I should get the female or one of the males. I might be way overthinking this but I wanna make sure that I don’t make it way more difficult to get the complete trio down the road. I could very well be overthinking this but I tend to do that with everything 😅. Those with experience what have been your observations with temperament and also just general availability of males vs female. Thank you so much.


pictured first is the female after adding her to the tank (I work at my LFS so I got to do all the moving, it was pretty amazing) followed by the male I was considering (pre move to the tank)






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Thanks Zenzo for tagging the master breeder himself. I figured I’d give a little more info as well. My friend is setting up a 40 breeder for me as my current biggest tank is a 20 long. I’ve heard some mixed advice as well on if the 20 would be big enough or not. I’m debating on getting just the female and putting her in the 40 or on getting a pair as I do want to breed them in the future. Could I do the pair in the 40 heavily planted? Or the male in my 20 long and the female in the 40? Or go with just one or the other for the 40?

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IMO a 75 would be loo large f a take for breeding purposes. My pair has spawned in a 20 long. Keep in mind that they are egg scatterers and there could be thousands of microscopic eggs. There is no parental care do you will need to attempt to collect up a bunch of eggs and try to raise them. For more on that you should find all the puffer information that Preston John has put out, he had successfully spawned them and raised up the fry.

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Thank you all for weighing in! I’ve been looking at as much stuff Preston has put out as I can find and I’ve been listening to his interview with Randy on the Aquarist Podcast on repeat. I think I’m going to go with the female for the 40 breeder, but I’m debating on getting a pair and either splitting them up or maybe the pair in the 40 initially and separating if need be. 

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