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My crazy betta


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I just got my new betta fish -- Kat Von D -- before Thanksgiving. I've always given my Nerite snails algae tabs to snack on. Well ... this fish plays with and eats every algae tab I put in there. I've tried putting a couple in at night and she just won't leave them alone. My last betta did not do crazy things like that. She gets plenty to eat and I feed her high-quality pellets, flakes, brine shrimp, etc. should I worry about my poor snail?  I feel like I shouldn't put them in there anymore so she doesn't over eat. 




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On 12/3/2021 at 3:46 PM, Coraline22002 said:

have you fed your snails today

I actually have that in my signature because I thought it was cute. My nerite nemo does not touch anything I put in the tank. I suspect a time or two he may have nibbled a bit of veggies but I think I’m just being hopeful. I only ever clean the front glass so I can see in. 🤣. Mystery snails are a different story. They are not great algae eaters and rarely are tanks over fed enough for how much they eat and there are no deceased plants and critters to supplement the way they would in the wild. 😝. I would not worry about your nerite as long as you don’t have a squeaky clean tank. 

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