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Spider wood and tannins


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I purchased some spiderwood and have been trying to rid the wood of tannins. Unlike some hobbyists, I'd rather not have yellow tinted water. However, I've been simmering-low boil the wood for about 3 weeks, for about 8 hours per day. At first, the boiled water was very yellow. Then, the water color decreased substantially. For the past 4-5 days, even though the yellow color has diminished further, it appears to have reached a steady-state, at least as far as I can view. That is, the yellow tint remains at a low level. Perhaps it is the higher temperature that the spiderwood is being subjected to which releases the tannins, which would not be noticeable at 75 degrees. Of course, I could go ahead and test this straightaway. But, before I do, any thoughts on eliminating tannin release? Thanks.

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