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Hello need advice i am not sure if my Betta has fin rot i have tried to take a picture but his fins a so big it is hard but this is what I can show it is a small tare and the like piece is still in the area.

I have bettafix but don't know how to use it or if i should right know his attitude has not changed still out going and i removed things i considered harmful and just left the live plants and the mopani wool piece and the smooth rocks and substraight.

Advice please i am new at this


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I had a betta that would get fin rot pretty easily because he would bite on his tail when stressed AND because of the stress from his tank mates at the time it made it even worse! I used salt mainly and dosed Maracyn or erythromycin to fight off any infection he got in the process. I’ve never found bettafix or any of that other gimicky stuff to work. 

discovering the cause of the fin rot is by far the best fix. Because once you treat it and any other issues as a result you can keep it from coming back. I’ve learned that diagnosing the reason an ill was happened in the first place is the best first step! 🙂 maybe he’s tearing his fins on decorations or a tankmate is ripping them or the water conditions could be causing stress. I hope this is helpful advice! 

Here is a link to a useful video for treating fin rot:



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