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Update on 44g longboy # 4


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Ended up getting a massive diatom outbreak I noticed it a little a few weeks ago and it has got out of control since then.  I have a phosphate test kit coming Friday but I'm not sure what to do in the meantime.  Been doing water changes and cleaning as much as I can off before the water change and vacuuming it up.  I see Otocinclus is great for this, obviously I have to test first but its nuts, I'll clean a lot of it and its back to the same level a few days later. 

Tank is only two months old but this is insane lol.  



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On 11/30/2021 at 7:07 PM, eatyourpeas said:

It could be due to too much light. How long is your light on for? Is the tank getting any natural light/direct sun? Long tanks are on the shallow side and you may need to adjust for it.

Thanks for the reply.  I'm currently running 50% with no blue light on a fluval 3.0.  I do occasionally get sunlight from the window about 15 feet away in the winter when the sun gets low.  

Edit: forgot to add the tank is 12" deep with about an 1.5" of substrate 

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