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ūüė™¬† hi there Cory.

Please can you help me.  I have a 45 litre tank. Running co2 external dolphin 500 canister  with purigen. With matrix.  Plenty plants  amozian shrimp soil substrate. Temp at 25 degrees thereabouts. Lily pipes glass.

I have 6 powdwrblue famous.1x half moon gold betta, 2x amano, 2x shrimp,  3x ottos, 1x siamese algae eater, 1 nerute snail.

So right tank is acclimated water is perfect.


I bought 6x baby pygmy cories.  2 got sucked into the filter. So I put a makeshift sponge on.

But now all have died but 2  in 2 days.

I'm distraught..I loved these guys.


What's wrong? What do I do if I get more? I want more but they r very expensive for me they cost r100 each.


Should they go into a breeder bet until bigger?





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No I think the filter was only getting the ones that had already died.  Filter has sponge on now anyway. 

I bought 6 juveniles 1cm.  All have died in 5 days from supplier. Started swimming upside down and in circles not eating.

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What are '6 powder blue famous' ?

Also you mention  you have a betta. And these were very small fish in a rather small tank with a betta. I suspect your betta, like many, may not be friendly to other fish and saw them as a threat to be killed. Whether he actually caught them, or just chased them to a point of exhaustion and death, its hard to say. But it may be that you have a betta that is best kep with only snails and shrimp as tankmates.

Also that siamese algae eater is going to eventually outgrow this tank, the adults get very big. Do you have another place arranged for him to go to?

You mention 'water is perfect' but you don't actually state your parameters. The parameters are useful to help diagnose what may be going on in this tank. What one person may think is perfect, may not be in reality. But we can not help you fix it without knowing the actual parameters.

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