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Stocking ideas for 17 gallon


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Hello, I’m a newb on here but love aquarium co op vids. I live in the UK and wish we had a branch here! 
I currently have a US 7 gallon cube with a betta called Big Tuna and a nerite snail, 3 ramshorn snails and 3 amano shrimp. 
I want to move them into a new cube which is about 17 US gallons. (Our gallons are different in the uk which is annoying but I’ve checked with an online calculator so I’ll speak in US gallons here!) 

I’d like to add something else when the tank can handle it in the future, but I just don’t know what! I have pretty hard water so need something that will do well, but that is also happy with a betta. BIg Tuna is pretty chilled as it happens, he doesn’t bother the shrimp or snails and is pretty lazy, but I need something that will not nip him either. 
I was thinking endlers but I’m not sure if I have enough space to have an impressive shoal as I’d have to get quite a lot of females which are pretty dull. I do love livebearers though, but have heard guppies are a bad idea with a betta.

I was thinking neons or ember tetras but not sure how well they’ll do in hard water.

I love bottom feeders, but I don’t want my shrimp and snails outcompeted for food, plus I can’t seem to find much that can handle hard water.

what ideas do others have? Thanks ! 

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Just like guppies endlers may not be the best choice but the tetras should work out well dont worry about the hard water especially if you get them locally they will have been kept in the same type water and lots of farms/wholesalers have hard water also. As far as for the bottom I would get a small group of corys just feed appropriately for everyone and shouldnt be a problem.

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