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Tank Size for Celebes Rainbows


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Hello, I recently got 11 Celebes Rainbows that I'm currently quarantining. They are about 1inch so far.

My plan is to put them in a newly scaped 20Long. It will be planted with driftwood.

Seeing as they get from about 2-3inches as adults, is a 20long still ok for long term housing? Or as they reach maturity will I need to get a larger setup?

I was also flirting with the idea of housing them with a pair of Apistos (cockatoos).

Does anyone have any suggestions on scaping the tank? I know they like planted tanks but also need a lot of open swimming space.


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Thanks Beardedbillygoat!

Yea, I plan on using stems and some swords.

Is there anything to consider when scaping for Apistos? I know they are bottom dwellers. I dont plan on trying to breed or anything, but want to scape it for their best comfort.

I'm doing a dirted tank capped with sand and larger pebbles/rocks around driftwood.

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