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Unexpected fry Aldofi, and Chet's

Oregon fishguy

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Just discovered unexpected fry in 2 of my tanks. Looking for any recommendations to ensure survival as it's my understanding both are fairly rare or uncommon breeds of fish. 

Tank 1 

75gallon with Discus, black neons, and adolfi cory. Was cleaning the tank today and was very surprised to find very tiny Adolfi Cory fry probably 4 -6 in total. Corys were purchased as wild caught Adolfi from a very reputable place in PDX called The Wet Spot. Purchased 6, 2 female & 2 male a little over a year ago. I've seen them lay eggs a few times however either they or the Discus always eat them within a day or two.

Tank 2 

200 gallon system with plecos, adolescent raphael's, and Cryptoheros chetumalensis. This is my 2nd batch of chet fry. After the first batch about a year ago both mothers got some kinda sick within a few hours and were unable to swim right and died within a day. This time one of the original fry is the mom. She's doing much better as the fry are at least a couple of days old. There's at least 1 large male and 2 females keeping everyone else away from the fry. Mom however is almost white with super stress bars. With the fry being a few days old I imagine they are okay but should I do anything for the super stressed mom? I'm feeding directly above them in addition to the normal location to be sure plenty of food gets to her without having to leave her fry.

Any recommendations? Or, just let nature do its thing? Pic's are to verify the fish type, but for the moment I'm pretty much leaving the tanks alone and only interacting to feed, clean, and test to minimize stress. Tanks are secluded in a fish room/partially converted garage.





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When this happens to me I let nature take its course I look at it this way that if they were able to come up from eggs to a noticeable size they are probably thriving just like having breeding behavior means things are going well in your tank sounds like so I would personally leave things alone and congrats on the fry 🙂

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