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Problem with livebearers.


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I have three community tanks (a 55 and two 29's).  I have had all three for 4 years or so.  I do 50% water changes twice monthly.  pH is about 7.  Ammonia and Nitrites are zero, TDS about 300.  Nitrate usually about 20.  The 29's have  a mix of tetras, rasboras, platys, angelfish, cory catfish and a pleco. The two 29 gallon tanks do fine with livebearers (platys) but whenever I put platys or swordtails in the 55 they die.  The only difference in the types of fish I have in the tanks is the 55 has two clown loaches about 6 inches long and two Roseline Sharks (Denison Barbs) about four inches long.  I bought a school of 5 platys and put them in the 55.  One by one they all disappeared.  Same with a school of five swordtails. They all looked healthy when they were alive.  They would be there in the evening when I fed the tank but where gone the next morning. I could find no dead bodies so I assumed the dead bodies where eaten by the other fish.  What do you think is going on?

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