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Medicine store run


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You may not be able to find Furan2 anywhere. I read on the forum that it was discontinued or no longer available due to some FDA snafu. Here is the thread, someone suggested a replacement:

What is going on!?”

HOWEVER: The active ingredient in Furan IS Nitrofurazone....Hikari, a trusted brand makes BiFuran which contains that active ingredient and may be a good alternative. The other med mentioned in the thread says they could find it at walmart. 

In my fishy first aid I have Super Ick, Ich-X, Kanaplex, Tetra Lifeguard, Furan2 (what's left of it thankfully I orderd a 3 pack and only used part of a box, expires in 2023), Maracyn, Maracyn2, API General Cure, Paraguard, Para-Cleanse, Expel-P and Aquarium salt!

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I just switched to Ich-X cause everyone here seems to like it. I've successfully treated Ich with both API Super Ick and Paraguard. So just pick one. 

Go with paracleanse, I think it's stronger than Paraguard I only got it because I was treating Otos and I was worried for them. 

Expel P is a dewormer (for your wild caught fish or other ? bugs)

General cure has some ingredients that others don't metronidazole, praziquantel, and treats parasites, velvet, hole in the head

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