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Hello From SE Michigan

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I've kept aquariums since I was in high school which means I've got closer to 20 years of experience than I'd like to admit. I've kept mostly swordtails in the past, I bred xiphophorus montezumae and traded them in for plants to cover costs for my first few years, but ended up losing the line when I moved once. I've always meant to get back to them, but haven't been able to source them when I've looked.

Recently I've been keeping South Americans, which has been an adventure with my "liquid flammable rock" well water. My main display is a 65 with German Rams, Angels, and Bristlenose in it, a few stragglers from over the years, and a variety of plants. My 3 year old has a guppy tank that he loves, and I just started a Multi tank in my 2 year old's room. I tend to try to setup my tanks to maintain water quality with minimal changes because I need to run R/O with GH booster for the South Americans, and have to rest water for 3 to 4 days for any of my other tanks. It seems to be going fairly well, my rams are pushing 2 years old now with monthly water changes at most.

I'd like to start into a marine tank next, it just seems like fun.





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Hello and welcome from Grand Rapids! I absolutely adore your tanks. The tank with the angels and rams is absolutely stunning and I am in love with the shell dwellers. My LFS has some and they are so much fun to watch.  I'm actually getting ready to run over there and see if I can get a couple of corys to keep my poor lone one company and maybeanothertank.  I mean... some more plants..

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