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Him and another dg are the newest in my 40b, other fish are about 20 black neon tetras, have had them for about a week. I moved him to a 10 gallon yesterday when I noticed it and treated him with api melafix. Wound looks almost fuzzy this morning, thinking maybe I should have got fungal  instead. Having a hard time getting a good picture.

  • pH  6.4
  • Nitrates. 15
  • Hardness. 150-300
  • Nitrite. 0
  • Ammonia. 0
  • KH/Buffer. 0-40
  • Water Temperature  78
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That looks like the start of Dwarf gourami lridovirus virus but it could be bacterial infection with the start of secondary fungal infection what I would do is treat with kanaplex in food and ick x in the water column as ick x is  an effective treatment for fungal infection and kanaplex is a broad spectrum antibiotic treatment that will cover all bases


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I sorry to hear they didn't make it the virus can hang around for a long so I would recommend not getting any more  gourami's unless you break down your tank and disinfect all your tank and equipment and bin your plants and substrate 

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