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Tiny tank surprises--seed shrimp(?) and a baby.


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I have a little 5g  that houses 3 ginga sulphureus guppies, a grape-sized mystery snail and a few ramshorns and bladder snails. I stare hard at this tank most days trying to see if there are new fry.

Occasionally I would see a little speck that looked almost like a sinking Bug Bites but  rounder, smaller than the head of a pin. Mostly moving on the substrate but also swimming around, landing on the glass, crawling on plants. Some of these guys are green, others appear tan/beige. Googling led me to believe they are seed shrimp, maybe? 

I've been watching them and they seem to be increasing in number--I used to see one or two, now I see several every time I look in the tank.

As I sat watching them buzz around, I noticed a pea-sized snail whose shell was neither bladder nor ramshorn. I saw a tiny operculum! It appears I have hatched a single blue mystery snail, without ever having seen an egg clutch.

A busy little world--so fun to watch.

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On 11/26/2021 at 11:05 PM, Guppysnail said:

Congratulations. If you have a rimmed tank look under the rim (awkward upside down head) I’ve had mine hide mini clutches there especially in the front corners. 

That's the odd part--it's a rimless tank with a glass lid and I keep the water level as high to discourage egg laying. It's this tank so I'm guessing if there were eggs they might have been on the far side of that curve that hides the filter, not so visible from the front of the tank. But I also thought maybe the snail came in on some plants--I've added guppy grass and hornwort a few time since I set it up.


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