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Crazy Betta!


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Mabel thinks she’s a model! I was telling my wife before we got all this going that female bettas can have the coolest personalities! Was explaining about Agnes, a female half moon back when I was a kid that loved to be “petted” and loved on and how much of a sweetheart she was. She looked at me with that “look” like I’d lost my mind.. but after only having Mabel a week, she’s all about “hugs” and getting in my hand to “chill”. She expects me to stand there and “hold” her. But how could you say no to that face? 😊😊

Now, the wife goes in to hang out with Mabel! Mabel is personally responsible for the go ahead on the big “Master” tank for the living room. Betta mind control and persuasion.. 👍👍


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