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Hello, all!

I have experience with freshwater tropical fish and very limited marine expertise. Right now, I'm in the process of setting up a new 65-gallon fancy goldfish tank! I'm super excited to pick up a trio of goldies come the holiday season.

I am a microbiologist located near Boston, MA. Happy to be here; I've already had a few of my own questions answered, and perhaps I can answer some others'!


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Hello All. I’m still pretty new to fish keeping. I had a 10 gallons n tank for a few years until we moved in January of this year. I used the opportunity to set up a 60g cube in our new house. I’ve learned a lot through lurking in the background of this forum and a gazillion videos. I’m preparing to rescape my tank now that I know how to keep plants alive (I’ve lost many 😅). I still have a LOT to learn and need all of the help I can get! 

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