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Show off your Bettas


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Just got this guy yesterday a Half Moon Mustard Gas Betta he is amazing such a beautiful fish. Almost had a heart attack as I was walking past my tank I saw his fins wrapped around the filter intake so in a panic I got in as fast as I could to detach him, turns out he was quite happy just leaning against it and looked quite angry I moved him. 

Lets see some other interesting Bettas.


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Hard to see but his accenting is actually blue into black. This is Gilbert. He’s very spirited and by spirited I mean kind of a butthead lol. He’s a Plakat Betta and exactly the opposite of normal bettas. He insists on spending as much time in high flow areas as possible and tries to shoal with the Corys I have in the tank. He’s awesome tho and definitely has lots of personality.



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One of my newer Bettas, Hiryuu. Some of his "white" scales really are that purple to pink gradient. His fins are still recovering (they were heavily ripped when I got him), but he's easily the prettiest betta I've ever owned. 


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