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Ich vs Stress Ich?


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I got some new apisogramma borelli opals the other day (1 male, 2 females), and they all have several white spots on their fins ONLY. No spots on their bodies. It has remained about the same amount of spots over the last 3 days with very small amount of increase if any. They were very stressed as I moved them into their new tank. 

I wondered if this was stress ich vs. regular ich. I can't find information on ich being only on the fins and not spreading to the body. They are all eating well, not rubbing or flashing on anything, and seem to be content in their tank now, with plenty of hiding places and caves with rocks and driftwood, and live plants

Temp is 80 degrees. No ammonia, nitrite, 5 ppm of nitrate. pH of 8.2,  hard kH and medium soft level gH. I am slowly increasing the temperature over time, and am waiting on ich-X to arrive in case I need to dose the tank. I wanted to wait a few days and see what happened before dosing though. Any thoughts? 

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Fins are where Ich starts. Never heard of stress ich but when a fish is stressed they are more suseptible to getting any form of illness. Ich can get out of control fast, some people treat with aquarium salt if you have any on hand you might consider that. The heat will only speed up the life cycle and if you're not treating may fast forward the illness which is fine when you have meds in the water, without it might make matters worse. If you can post a pic of what you see so we can help verify.  

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