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Help I'm killing my plants

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I have a bare bottom guppy breeding tank with plants I was told my plants would do better if I would fertilize them by using flourish so I did now my plants are all turning brown they're not as tall as they used to be they're not as full as I used to be and this is all happened in a span of two days is there anyway I can save my plants. 

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@Michelle D I’m not sure what that video is supposed to be show other that the N-K-P Nitrogen,Phosphate, potassium. It is a land fertilizer and the different portions for match to what you need for your aquatic plants. I’m assuming you have floating plants. Do you have any on the bare bottom? If you only have  floaters I would recommend getting the the test kit. Checking the water with it. If its.25 or .40.  The Flourish you have I have and almost never 

      Flourish             Easy Green

Made for micro       Need for macro nutrients


N: .07                         2.66

P: .01                          .46

K: .37                          9.21

Ca: .14                        0

Mg: .11                        .7

S:   ..2773                   0

B:   ..009                    .015

Cl:  .1.15                       0

Co:  .0004                   0

Cu:  ..0001                   0

Fe:  .32                         .13

Mn: .0118                      .0326

Mo: .0009                     .00098

Na:  .13                           O

Zn:   .0007.                    .00072

i would go with easy green as your primary and in between doses I would use the flush GH c art is the 

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