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Surface agitation question


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Recently, I added a bunch of water sprite and red root floater to my heavily stocked 40 breeder community. I positioned my spray bar down the back wall, as to not send the plants everywhere virtually removing most agitation. I still do run a large size sponge filter off a nano pump.


 Is the surface agitation enough from a single air-stone to oxygenate a tank?  Im still a beginner, and this is my first foray into floating plants. Thanks for any inputE5B91657-A4F7-4B32-9489-4FE1FAE7E291.jpeg.f7923f4b09caea3e9bd02bcb34a8048a.jpeg


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Looks fine from the pics - with it so heavily planted I think you’re doing well from the start. A little more surface agitation will be fine - just means your red root floaters won’t take over. You’ve got low light not no light plants so you need to get some open spots. The sponge filter will do fine.

My only concern I’ve got from the pics is your sword not being planted in the substrate-crown where the leave meet the roots should be just above the substrate and all the roots in the substrate. You did a good job with your Java ferns and anubias. 

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