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Congratulations Gjcarew


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 Thanks everyone. I called it "Community" because everything I've learned has been through the community in my local club (GSAS) and through online forums. Quite a few of the plants also came directly from Aquarium Co-op, which I'm lucky to live relatively close to. 

On 11/22/2021 at 8:49 AM, Jennifer V said:

@gjcarew yowza! Pretty incredible work! How long did it take you to make that beautiful tank a reality? 

I had done a Dutch aquascape in 2020, then added some driftwood and switched to a nature-style layout over the winter as it's less maintenance work. I started working on this one in March of 2021, and took the final picture in late August. 

In terms of hours worked, it's generally one to two hours a week on average. When it's getting close to being ready, it takes a bit more time. All the plants need to reach the optimum height and spacing at the same time, and many of these are fast growers. In order to keep the plants from being "scalped," I need to trim by uprooting the plants, trimming the bottoms, and replanting. I try to do 15-30 minutes of trimming per day, then do a gravel vac and big water change once a week. This keeps the maintenance feeling much more manageable. 

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