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cleaning used equipment


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Just like my car keys, I am sure it is in here somewhere, but I did not find it when I searched. 

I am looking for info on cleaning used equipment to protect the health of my fish. 

All the equipment came from one salt water tank. I plan to toss the filter medium.

I sloshed the inside of the aquarium with lots of full strength white vinegar and rinsed it twice with lots of well water and plan to let it dry. I paid extra attention to the seals because they are not smooth, like the glass. Last time I I did this, I was in not rush, so I let it dry a few weeks.  Now I want to fill it as soon as it is safe because the lake is being lowered for the winter, and soon it will be hard to get 55 gallons of lake water all at one.  (The Thruway Authority lowers it to prevent shore ice damage and to make room for winter snow melting in the spring. Sort of like a tide that has a one year cycle) 

I know air kills a lot of bacteria and is very fish safe. I know different things live if salt water vs freshwater. So maybe it isn't such a big deal with this tank having been a salt water tank before I got it. It was in use until the day I got it.

How long do you experienced folks think I should let the tank dry to be sure it is safe? Is there anything else I should do to the tank? 

I plan to start the tank with my filters from my big tank, so I can take my time cleaning the filters etc. from the used tank I just got. I do welcome advice on cleaning those too.

Your forum is great !!!

Thanks ever so much, KittenFishMom

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I have a large aquarium I got second hand Ian I used hot water and sat it out in the sunlight for 2 days and it was ready to go. I would not scrub very much if you can help it. It’s so easy to scratch a salt water tank going to a freshwater tank.  If you feel you need to use something to help I think Hydrogen peroxide, it’s not needed. The silicone seals I risnse only and if they hold water I typically not mess with much. Sometimes they are super thin then I do redo them. The best way to keep the seals good is not let them dryout unless you are planning on redoing them. 
Just adding fresh water will kill most any salt water organisms. Once the silicone work is done a day or two unless the packageing say different. Some you can do under water now.  What type of filters did you get with the tank?

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