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Greetings from NYC

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I have been hoping for a good old fashioned forum for aquarium fans for a long time. My other hobby has a robust one and I am excited Cory is taking this on.

My family moved into a new home last year that has let me expand my fish keeping. Here is what I have going right now:

55 gallon display

3.4 gallon desk red cherry shrimp

40 gallon 3 goldfish container pond

15g container pond, 20g tall and 10g  for N Class Endler breeding project that are the beginning of a fish room, or at least wall





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15 hours ago, Streetwise said:

It looks like you have some breeding projects going on there. Any updates?

I have been breeding N class Endlers all summer in two different batches from a set of adults I got from  the Endler breeder Adian HD. They are pure Endlers with no hybridizing but do have a stronger red stripe then the black bar wild form.

Batch A I picked out the two best males and three females for line breeding. I have gotten 9 batched of F1 before I kept the females separate long enough to stop pumping them out. For these F1 I am separating the males and females to keep the females virgin before selecting the best F1 males. Batch B I am colony breeding to see if anything interesting happens. They were in an outdoor container all summer but are now inside after due to a bad cold snap. I've been feeding BBS and other small foods.


I also accidentally breed goldfish in my other outdoor container pond. Whoops, not sure how I am going to re-home them. I was feeding the adults lots of Daphnia so I guess that's what I get.



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