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Hey Folks!!


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Hey everyone, I'm that weird bald guy that has a super hot co host of my YouTube channel! I'll be honest, the internet has ruined my ability to communicate properly in forums but I'm gonna do my best because I truly believe this will be the best place to share ideas, share knowledge and most importantly learn from others. I look forward to watching this grow and getting to know all of you, well the ones I don't already know!!

Oh it's John from KGTropicals by the way ha ha

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7 minutes ago, David Humphrey said:

Oh, Hi John ... Sorry , I couldn’t resist. 😆 After watching you and Lisa on the livestream the other day. 

I‘m a member of your channel, as well as Cory’s. I’ve picked up so many great 👍🏻 ideas from both!

Looking forward to learning more.

aka Professional Photograper (member name)

Ha ha I did not hit her it's not true it's b******t I did not hit her I did noooot Oh hi Mark!

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