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Special Thanks to the community!


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Hey guys,

I just want to give an update about my aquarium. When I first time joined this hobby, I was so lost of what should I be doing for keeping up my tank because the water parameters are never stable. Until I watched cory’s video and I found out about this amazing community! Everyone is so helpful and I learned a lot from the posts that all of you shared!

Today, I finally achieved 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite and 5 Nitrates! And This is a big accomplishment for me as I tried to make everything 0 except the nitrates. 

I just want to give my big thanks to this community and especially cory!



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1 hour ago, ADMWNDSR83 said:

Tank looks great.  Do you have plans for fishy friends?

Actually,I already have several fish and shrimps inside! There are Albino Neon, Black Neon, Pygmy Cory and Oto Catfish. And some orange sakura shrimp.

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