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Book recommendation?


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Theirs so many good books  he just a few of mine I would recommend reading BAENSCH aquarium atlas vol 1-4  BAENSCH catfish atlas vol 1 BAENSCH cichlid atlas vol1-2 back to nature series aqualog  series Bleher Indian ornamenal fish Bleher biotopes George farmers aquascaping and ad konings Tanganyika cichlids in their natural habitat 4th edition and konings Malawi cichlids intheir natural habitat 5th edition Dr lothar Seeger's catfish of Africa Chris/Reinhard pekny invertebrates Gerald Bassleer the new illustrated guide to fish disease Bleher Discus vol 1-2 ian.a.m fuller identifying corydoradinae and breeding corydoradinae catfish and ad konings enjoying cichlids 


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Aquariumscience.org is not a book, but it could be. It contains 350 articles (no, I have not read them all) on practically every aspect of freshwater fishkeeping. I have found it to be very useful, particularly with respect to filtration. 

The author is a chemist who has been keeping freshwater fish for over half a century.

Some people consider the site controversial because the author asserts that it is chemically impossible for many water treatments to do what they claim to do. He also argues that, for many medications, putting them in the water column (rather than in the food) cannot possibly work.

It is best to read it for yourself. It is not boring, and you can select an article about whatever you happen to be interested in at the moment.

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