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What is happening to my Crypts?

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I have two Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green that have taken a turn. I've had them for about three months. They initially went through the typical melt and them started growing into really nice plants. The first picture is from a couple of weeks ago. The second is from today.

If it's not clear in the photos, today they look sort of wilted, darker green a kind of shinny.

What could cause this?

Water parameters measured today: Ammonia: 0 ppm; Nitrites: 0 ppm; Nitrates: 25 ppm; GH: 25 ppm; KH: 0 ppm pH: 6.4; Temp 77.5 FIMG-1373.jpg.d97a19394d63fbf0c903603e5d1f0332.jpgIMG-1429.jpg.651eba4ea99e1145703c0ebb05516cfd.jpg

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