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Oklahoma Aquarium

Its Hutch

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My family and I recently visited the aquarium here in Oklahoma. I took a few pics. Could have taken a lot more but I am a terrible photographer and normally take shaky ones. 

The cichlid tank was packed.


I cant remember what type of fish this one was but thought he looked super cool. Some kind of Pike maybe? I dont know.Resized_20200831_125836.jpeg.46c9eab60fdb2a0b8ec00ad87822149b.jpeg

Always cool seeing a large Arowana and Red-Tailed Cat.664805345_Resized_20200831_123650(2).jpeg.ab75a7c9cb44de9137f377fa7852a8ed.jpegResized_20200831_123625.jpeg.206f2a8c1079d4b4403bbc177c76231f.jpeg

Bonus albino Red-Eared Slider.Resized_20200831_130011.jpeg.2514e2451a2addfa517e5396693ac8f0.jpeg

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14 minutes ago, Pete said:

We go a couple times a year. It's a great little aquarium. The Alligator Gar freak me out though. The ones in their display are huge. 

Great photos!

The Alligator Gar are absolute monsters. The lighting in the tank is super dark however and I was unable to get any good pictures.

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