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UN Contrasoil Black and RO Water?


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So I am about to fill a 2.6G aquarium with Contrasoil that I'll be using RO water in. Will the contrasoil raise the pH?

My goal is to hit these parameters using Contrasoil, a small piece of spider wood, and Seachem Equilibrium. My RO water comes out at about 6.2pH.

pH: 6.8ish

GH: 8

KH: 12

Anyone have any advice for making this work? Similar experience?

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@Mmiller2001I'm not hard set on the hardness/KH. I think I can safely go down.

Ideally, this chemistry would be for both my shrimp tank and a breeding tank for chili rasbora. Plants, anubius nana petite, rotala India, bulbitus Africa, Christmas moss. Maybe some others... I'm not checking spelling right now but I think I have names mostly right.


Just want to do both the same so I can mix adult shrimp into the rasbora tank without much fuss and easier for water changes.

Sakura orange shrimp to be exact

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