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Cory has a video on using cinder blocks and 2x4s to DIY a shelf which I've used in the past, Teds fishroom also has a video on DIY shelving out of 2x4s which I am now using. I have seen a few youtubers use the gladiator racks from  homedepot but I'm not a fan of them for fish tanks, love them for random garage and house storage.

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I do and have used metal racks like the gladiator units. I really like the 2ft wide pallet racks if you can find them for 20Hs, and work for 10s with wasted space in the back. The benefit with the pallet racks is you can get different width shelving to fit your needs.  The shelves I use have a rating of 2500lb per shelf, so theres no sag with the tanks installed


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