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Mollies with Growths


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I was doing maintenance on my 75 gallon established low tech planted tank today and noticed growths on two of my female mollies. One is on the top of her head and one on the side behind her fin. The tank has about 10 mollies, 10 ember tetras, 8 harlequin rasboras, 8 or 9 salt-n-pepper corys, and 3 golden algae eaters. All the fish are active and get along without issue. As far as I can tell I cannot see any growths on the other fish. I read in other forums that this could be a parasite, cyst or something else. Since it is two fish with the growths, does that lean towards parasites? I have a quarantine tank I could move
them to, but I am waiting for everyone's thoughts. 

I have the meds to treat them if necessary. I have Fritz ParaCleanse, Fritz Maracyn, and Ich-X. I have never treated any fish with these. I am unsure if I should treat the whole 75 gallon tank as all the fish may have been exposed, or should I move just the fish with growths to the quarantine tank? I have only been in this hobby for about a year. Thoughts and suggestions are very welcome. 


pH - 8.0
Nitrates - 30
General Hardness - 11*
Nitrite - 0
Ammonia - 0
KH/Buffer - 10*
Water Temperature - 81F

(I'm in North Florida, we have very hard water here.)


Female Molly Growth 3.jpg

Female Molly Growth 1.jpg

Female Molly Growth 2.jpg

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Looks like some sort of fungus. I would move them to the qt tank and treat w/ aquarium salt, about one tablespoon gallon, or 15 ppt. Mollies are potentially the most salt tolerant fresh water fish in the world, so a salt treatment would be easier on them than any medication. Salt will actually relieve stress for the mollies, unlike any medication. Not only will the salt help kill the infection, but it'll also boost the immune system of the mollies which will also help with the infection.

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