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Strange question but pretty urgent need for help/advice.


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Hi everyone.  So just a few minutes ago after I did my bi-weekly tank maintenance which is basically changing 25% of my water and gravel vaccing, something odd happened that may or may not be a huge deal.  The tank for reference is a 10-gallon planted aquarium and I have some Java Ferns and three Dwarf Endlers.

So, I usually put a half cap full of Fritz beneficial bacteria in the tank after adding back in dechlorinated water and after a good gravel vac.  This time though I noticed a very small piece of what I'm pretty sure was the foil seal on the Fritz bottle made it into the tank water.  I couldn't get to it before it sank to the bottom and now I can't find it.

Will this kill my fish?  Like if the foil seal corrodes or introduces metals into the water?

Thanks very much in advance for any help/advice  :)

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On 11/13/2021 at 4:06 PM, md363 said:

Thanks for the positivity  🙂  I just hope over time it doesn't hurt or even kill my fish.

I wouldn't worry about it. That foil seems very stable. After all it seals the bottle for a lengthy period of time without deteriorating.

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