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Snail eaters?


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On 11/16/2021 at 10:10 AM, Dawn T said:

A friend of mine got pea puffers for her 55g planted community tank. They're fun to watch.

I have assassin snails in 2 of my tanks. I bought a snail trap in case I need to catch snails from tanks where I don't want the assassins (like my 29g that has a nerite in it). I just transfer the snails to my assassin tank. I've done that for the tank in the office of my church. They feed a HUGE pleco in that tank and that feeds the snails, so their population is always high. My assassins sure stay happy. LOL

Unfortunately here in Australia assassin snails are illegal and pea puffers cost about $250 each and are very hard to track down. 

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