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What color to paint fish room?


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So I'm making a fish room in my basement and I gott frame and insulate it and all that, so its gonna need painting and I was just wondering what a good color to paint the walls would be. I want the tanks to pop and I dont want too much light reflecting off the walls. I was gonna go with a flat finish, and the tanks were gonna have black background and be on black stands.


Theres also a picture of the soon to be fishroom, which I've cleaned up some but still has more cleaning to do before starting construction. Anyways thanks for any advice you guys give!


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I did a dark plum purple with a fairly matte finish for my office, because I wanted the green of plants to pop out. The red in the purple will hit the complementary color and the blue in the purple is analogous to green, so together I find it provides a good contrast without being too colorful/flashy.

It’s a mess right now but below is how it looks. 


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This is my home office. It's a back basement room, not a lot of light. I used an earthy tone light gray/beige. I made the stands from 2x4 and stained them. BTW my work desk/computer is on the other side, that table/chair is just for garageband 🙂  ... Hearing the light water flow and bubbles makes a really nice atmosphere for the office.


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