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Platy coloration: black spot on head?


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Has anyone seen this coloration on a platy before? I have a female with a large black spot on her head and I think it’s adorable. I have at least one other fry with this spot, so I’m hoping to get even more of them! Does anyone know what it’s called? If it doesn’t have a name yet, I want to call it a Dapper Platy because it kind of looks like a hat. 😊A9B25BF5-ED7F-461D-A078-0E8B06017B18.jpeg.5c50dffe891e430202efda4c4f52ff83.jpegB0FA9A78-0C7D-4F5A-868E-16E9CC15FBF9.jpeg.b98325254ffbfb4b179e3535f672b596.jpeg2F43F4AE-DBD4-443B-BED0-D844ED2BABCB.jpeg.84cd8ddd307b0ebbb288ad94218456e9.jpeg84FE2D58-E0EC-47D3-9F49-B08D90CAA059.jpeg.2e71ccfd7ca6472a983eacebdd3d18a7.jpegFD46285C-036C-4D46-AEF1-896006AFE465.jpeg.55f83517dce06b2e4e49704dcc06d5bf.jpeg44E96199-C1B4-4DD9-B55A-A8D606609CEF.jpeg.e9a09134e9226988c70024a7fcf910e8.jpeg

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Just posting real quick in case anyone in the future finds this: I now think the black spot on her head is due to a lack of a tumor suppressor gene. She’s developed more spots, and though they don’t appear to be tumors right now, other fry have developed tumors. This is a known issue in platys when you cross different species—actually they use platys to study cancer because of it—so I won’t be pursuing this color in case it ends up producing lots of fry that suffer from melanomas.

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