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Looking for advice about how much Val to buy

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I am in the rough planning stages of a walstad aquarium, and I was wondering how many plants can be usually made from one pot, particularly the ones Aquarium Co-Op sells? I have never kept it before and was wondering if it was like crypts where you can separate it out and get a bunch of plants from one pot, or if was a one per pot kind of thing and I would need to buy more. 

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In my experience, Vallisneria is an absolute weed, It will grow and spread out so much you will end up throwing out tons and tons of it. Which is good way to get nutrients out of the system. But after a certain point it won't be any sort of low maintenance plant. You need to actively stop it from encroaching to places you don't want it. 

So, as an answer, I'd by a small amount of it, it'll take care of multiplying with runners pretty fast.

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