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scuzz in not yet cycled tank


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I had planned to start up a new tank, and had gotten as far as filling it up and de-chlorinating - bringing it up to temp etc. The plan was to start cycling the next day (fishless cycle). And then the dog ran into me and dislocated my knee.  For about a month I've not even been able to get to the floor that the fishtank is on - so I just let it sit and unplugged the filter/heater.  There was no bacteria or anything besides de-chlorinating chemicals added.

Now that I am able to get back to the fishtank - there is a film/scuzz floating along the top of the water. It is off-whitish and gelatinous, but relatively thin. A bit like pudding skin.  My thought is that is just to turn on the filter and let it run for a day while the tank comes up to temp and then proceed.

Any reasons that might be a terrible idea?


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