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Apisto behaviour advice


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Hi, I think I've made a stocking faux pas I picked up a very young pair of cacatuoides double red's a couple of months ago  added to the community tank and all was good. 

Anyway recently one of them has been getting its big fish colours and has become very shy the other still bright yellow loving life. I don't see much chasing but I am assuming that is why we have shy fish. Assuming they don't suffer from adolescent awkwardness. 

So reading other threads on here I am wondering if finding another female could solve this issue or if this is just the way things will be. 

Long planted tank with a lot of caves so at least hiding is easy.


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A picture helps; bright yellow on a female is usually breeding colours and she will be extremely aggressive to the male while in this mode as she cares for the eggs/frys however is she is swimming around it suggest the eggs/frys did not make it or perhaps the colours you are describing are not accurate. Adding a second female will not help; the reason to add a second female is aggression reverses when he wants to breed and she is not ready to breed.

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